All persons on this page I have worked with on my own healing path. I find them to have experience and integrity, because it takes a village to cultivate a lifestyle of health and healing. 

Detox Diva Norma Salazar was born and raised in the Greeley area. She specializes in administering the Ionic Detox Foot Bath and creating detox water for consumption. She also does spray tans with a vegan and organic based product offered through the South Seas Spray Tanning company. She has been helping people for about 8 years. She looks forward to meeting and working with you in removing toxins from your body. Call her direct to set up a foot detox or spray tan. A foot detox is ideally done after any massage, acupuncture or treatment that stimulates the circulation of the body. 970-518-2542  Read More

Greeley Massage: Yvonne Dunn; As a massage therapist of 20yrs Yvonne has created a way where clients may relax the mind, release harmful emotions, and restore balance. She combines therapies best suited for your body. This balance may start your foundational healing. Collage Massage also provides education/events to help understand this value. She graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1997 (UCMT) and mastered 12 modalities. Deep Tissue, Swedish, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Aromatherapy, Stones, Acupressure, Prenatal, Infant, Injury massage and more. It is especially important to give your mind a chance to “check out”. Check her out and experience the benefits! First visit is only $45! 970-397-4942.

Wendy Castillo is a gifted muscle reader with extensive experience in medical massage helping her clients with rehabilitation from injuries. She educates her clients helping them get results that last. She does cupping and loves serving her community, she is bilingual. 970-313-3394 Read More 

Angela Steinbrecher has been serving the Greeley community for decades. She is a talented energy worker and massage therapist. She is bilingual to boot. 970-405-4259

3. Greeley Physical therapy: Michelle at Gaia Physical Therapy does great work! She specializes in pelvic pain in men and women. She has helped me with my scar tissue from previous surgeries, releasing tension form my hips and shoulders and increased my range of motion. She is gentile, with lots of experience, she educates you to develop a home care massage and exercise program that promotes healing and maintain optimal function. 970-302-4322 Read More 
4.   Greeley Chiropractic: Smith Chiropractic Dr.’s Craig and Scott Smith have been in practice for over 38 years. Their approach is thorough with X-rays and examination to determine if chiropractic care is the right care for you. They treat their patients with care using applied kinesiology to talk to the body. Dr. Scott specializes in the chemical component of imbalance that is contributing to health problems and uses nutritional supplements to correct it. Two doctors with two different touches so you can find the right touch for you.  970-352-7676 Read More 

Weld Family Clinic is a husband and wife team, Dr Erik and Patricia Sorbo. They have a great family oriented clinic. They use a thorough examination with imaging to decipher treatment options. Dr. Patricia specializes in pediatric care and is able to support her patients with her own experience as a mother. Dr. Erik is gifted with appendage adjustments and uses laser therapy.  970-356-5255 Read More 

5.   Ft Collins Acupuncture: Rachel Blunk specializes in fertility and has been helping support IVF conception for over 10 years. 970-223-4422 Read More 
                Scott Blunk has extensive experience with musculoskeletal injuries and assists Rachel with IVF patients.  970-223-4422 Read More
                Isaac Hoft helps people get in touch with their bodies, and reinforce the self-healing process. 970-300-3421 Read More 

6.   Ft Collins Massage: Toni Cardona has many years of experience helping people with improving sports function, injury recovery, pre/post-natal, geriatrics, pediatrics, relaxation, NeuroMuscular release, Trigger Point Therapy, MyoFascial Release, reflexology, postural awareness, & pain relief. 970-631-3618 Read More 
                      Nolan Gonzales LMT utilizes an integrative style combining aspects of Physical Therapy techniques, Sports Massage, Tui na massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Cranial Sacral, and Trigger Point therapies in accordance with your needs to provide a healing & rejuvenating massage. 760-703-2146  Read More

7.  Loveland Chiropractic: Precision Chiropractic is operated by Dr. Jane Brewer. She is one of only a handful of doctors trained and certified in the Knee Chest Upper Cervical protocol for NeuroStructural Correction. She uses state-of-the art diagnostic tools and comprehensive examination process founded on evidence based care. Her adjustments are gentle and great for the whole family. 970-663-1617 Read More